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 ѵ-ɳ ѡص TH-UK




ѡص- 15 դѺ!

1. name-surname-nickname
2. date of birth, age, nationality & origin
    22 November 1983, 19 Thai
3. weight-height
    60kg 175cm
4. life motto
    it all works out in the end!!
5. ambitions
    professional drummer, help family
6. what & where do you study?
    Central Saint Martins
7. working experiences (part-time/full-time)
    worked for DENNIS PUBLISHING part time , also part time waiter
8. 3-5 words that describe your personalities
    lazy, never takes anything seriously, a joker
9. why you come to UK?
    was born here
10. what is your position in the team? Are you satisfied with that?
     left wing...........ok nut really i play up front for my sunday league team
11. tell me about your most impressive match/ competition      was playing for school at U18 level and we won 13 - 0, i scored 5
12. any tips to keep your body fit
     dont be like me!!!!!
13. how many soccer shoes/t-shirt you have? Which one is your most favorite?
     i wear PAN football boots!!1 so nice i like them so much
14. your favorite football team and player
     Liverpool ----- RONALDO (Real Madrid)
15. any hobbies besides playing football
     play drums, like watching fillms, playing tennis alot....other sports
16. what do you think about football circle in UK?
      i think it really good for people of all ages......everyone sticks together and       thats really good for good friendship
17. your opinion toward football in Thailand
     players are good really skilful but need to be a little bit bigger i think
18. what make you impress the most in UK?
     their organization and commitment
19. your favorite dish
20. favorite kind of music
     rock..punk rock, blink 182, simple plan,a new found       glory.............incubus, deftones........metallica................silly fools
21. how do you like TH-UK team?
     it alot of fun besides play football together we eat together, go out together,      drink cool
22. anything that TH-UK lack?
     a crowd of screaming girls watching us play every week!!!!!!!
23. what do you think about Beckham, Posh and their son?
     cool hair
24. most miserable story in your life
     when i had a girl friend.........
25. happiest story/ event about yourself
     when i broke up with my girl friend............ha ha ha!!!!!! just joking!!!
26. anything to say to your friends within the team
     keep fit while im slacking you here me!!!!!!!
27. tell me more about yourself..

There is not much to tell really. I just lead a simple life really dont nothing happens that often...........but Im so glad that Im taking a gap year next year so that means that no studying for me for a year.........yes!!!!! will be in Thailand for a year so if u anyone comes over just give us a ring!!!!!!